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Inventory and Supply Chain Management in Health Systems

The course introduces concepts of inventory and supply chain management in public health. Critically reviews issues and problems in logistics and supply and their impact on health care delivery. The course emphasizes on developing requisite knowledge and skills in managing inventory, equipment, and drug supplies in the health systems; introduces inventory management cycle, ABC and VED analysis and concepts of FIFO and shelf life; describes methods of procurement, storage and distribution of drugs; reviews essential drugs, rational use of drugs and prescription audit. The students will also learn store management and basic logistic and supply management at the facility level.

By the end of the course, students will be able to describe role and importance of inventory, logistics and supply management in health care; understand important issues related to logistics and supply of medicines and equipments; describe inventory management cycle, procurement process, ABC and VED analysis, FIFO and Shelf life of drugs; explain drug information system and rational use of drugs; and explain basic approaches for maintenance and repair of equipment and audit in terms of use and performance.